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How To Build A Credible Web Presence From Your New Website

January 14, 2012


How To Build A Credible Web Presence From Your New Website “If you build it, they will come” is a phrase that no longer works in the eyes of the social consumer, you need a much wider web presence to gain the attention of this new wave of net savvy customer. A beautiful website, a […]

J C Penney – Named and shamed! Black Hat SEO Link Building Case Study

February 17, 2011


Not since BMW has there been such a spectacular expose of black hat SEO link building. Should this be a warning to avoid link building or should it serve as a cautionary tale to ensure you employ ethical link building methodologies. The latter of course. Whilst user experience is the most important factor in converting […]

Improving Online Reach And Optimising Audience Conversion With SearchMonitor – Your Free Search Marketing Audit.

November 5, 2010


Improving Online Reach And Optimising Audience Conversion With SearchMonitor – Your Free Search Marketing Audit.   ISM is a Search and Social marketing agency that increases market share by building online reach and improving audience conversion.   We have two parts to the commercial offering; strategic planning and tactical delivery.   Our strategic planning is […]

Search & Social Agency Round Up; Real Time search is… Authority? Relevancy? Reputation? Popularity? ….. and now Bing SEO?!!

June 21, 2010


Search & Social Agency Round Up;  Real Time search is… Authority?  Relevancy?  Reputation?  Popularity? ….. and now Bing SEO?!! A good friend of mine had a very interesting conversation with an ecommerce client they have been speaking to recently. They have had the same website for a number of years and wanted to drive more […]

Advanced SEO Techniques – Keyword Density

April 27, 2010


Advanced SEO Techniques – Keyword Density – how much time should you spend on it? There is a lot to be said for keyword density and if ever there was a topic with a great divide in opinion then it’s keyword density as this article goes on to explain keyword density may or may not […]

Advanced SEO Techniques – How To Use Web Relevancy and Web Credibility To Get Higher Rankings On The SERPs.

April 22, 2010


Web Relevancy Managing your relevancy on the web is crucial to running a successful site. You really need to pack a punch in all the right places and be clear and concise with your message and your keywords. If the search engines cannot see a consistent and dominant keyword rich theme as a result of […]

Advanced SEO – How to create a Link Wheel strategy.

March 29, 2010


Once you have your site part or fully optimised you need to build up the links to your website.  The general rule of thumb is to have a high volume of quality links to your website to help drive traffic and increase your position on the Search Engine Results page (SERPs). Traditional On-page SEO has […]


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