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Social Media Is Not As Much Fun As It Used To Be

October 13, 2013


Social Media Is Not As Much Fun As It Used To Be Every so often you read a story that really resonates with the work you do and makes a few things fall into place. Over the least few years I’ve noticed that social media hasn’t really moved on in the industry, with the same […]

Smartphones and bathrooms

April 12, 2013


Smartphones and bathrooms… Google claim there are now more people on earth that have access to a mobile phone, than have access to a toothbrush. Their research also suggests that 90% of all media interactions happen on-screen, 38% of which happen on smartphones. A U.N. study recently claimed that out of the world’s estimated 7 […]

Why twitter is my Favourite social media platform

February 2, 2013


Why twitter is my Favourite social media platform According to the latest research by Global Web Index, twitter is the fastest growing social media platform in the world right now with the number of active users growing by 40%, to 288 million in the last 6 months. Whilst facebook is still the biggest social media […]

Hashtags on facebook make me cry

October 12, 2012


Hashtags on facebook make me cry Hashtags are becoming part of everyday culture being increasingly used in conversations that would normally have a virtual exclamation mark at the end of a sentence or statement. I am OK with that. A recent campaign by Depeche Mode involved an Instagram takeover of In the run up […]

How To Use Social To Improve Your Email Marketing Engagement Segmentation Strategy

April 18, 2012


How To Use Social To Improve Your Email Marketing Engagement Segmentation Strategy I recently read a report by RedEye on “How to successfully integrate engagement segmentation into your email marketing strategy” which although offered nothing ground breaking in terms of how email interacts with digital consumer experiences it served as a gentle reminder on how […]

75% Of Brands Do Not Collect Their Social Data – Latest Research

March 19, 2012


75% Of Brands Do Not Collect Their Social Data – Latest Research A new study from Unisphere Research released last week at the 2012 SHARE ExecForum suggests that 75% of organisations are not collecting data from their social media networks. With Facebook recently reiterating that it owns all the data on its platform and not […]

Why The F-commerce Formula Does Not Work

February 20, 2012


Why The F-commerce Formula Does Not Work If you have millions of Facebook fans and high levels of engagement then it makes sense to give that community an opportunity to buy your products from within the platform. Or so you would think. It wasn’t so long ago that even ASOS admitted that sales from their […]

How To Build A Credible Web Presence From Your New Website

January 14, 2012


How To Build A Credible Web Presence From Your New Website “If you build it, they will come” is a phrase that no longer works in the eyes of the social consumer, you need a much wider web presence to gain the attention of this new wave of net savvy customer. A beautiful website, a […]

comScore Reports Over A Third Of US Ads Served On Facebook

May 10, 2011


“More and more people are using the internet” is one of my favourite quotes from an ex colleague and he was, and still is, correct.  As marketers are gaining more experience in the digital arena so are the opportunities available to them. Social media is a free tool that can be used to drive sales […]

Social Conversations – Digital Review Q1 2011

April 15, 2011


Now that Q1 2011 is all wrapped up, what are we learning about social media so far this year? What are the early trends and where are the social conversations happening?


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