Everything You Need To Know About Google Plus For SEO

Posted on January 25, 2012


Everything You Need To Know About Google Plus For SEO

Here is the most thorough article I have found to date that tells you everything you need to know about Google Plus For SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

My advice on G+ (Google Plus) so far has been to set up a placeholder and give people somewhere nice to go if they are looking for you. Other than that G+ hasn’t really had much of an impact on SEO with quite a lot of people saying they don’t want to have other peoples feeds cluttering up their own Google searche results. The overly social elements of G+ can also provide irrelevant search results; as with Twitter you get all sorts of people following you from all over the world. The more the merrier I say but if I search for a “chinese restaurant” on Google then I’m very likely to get someone else in my network that likes chinese restaurants…. and probably in Lagos and not London!

Anyway, chinese food aside, this article is extremely thorough and offers good advice on what you can do next with your G+ page. If you haven’t got round to designing one then it will certainly encourage you to create one for you or your brand. It is almost a step by step guide on how to game G+ and shows examples of who else is doing it. The very nature of G+ means that everything you read in this article is highly likely to evolve over a very short period of time.The author of this article will be updating the article frequently so please bookmark his website to keep up to date with any future changes.

To read the full article please click here: Everything You Need To Know About Google Plus For SEO